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1 @real_liam_payne Liam Payne 98 12.3M One Direction Member Music
2 @Harry_Styles Harry Styles 98 15.4M One Direction Member Music
3 @NiallOfficial Nial Horan 98 13.4M One Direction Member Music
4 @Louis_Tomlinson Louis Tomlinson 98 12.2M One Direction Member Music
5 @zaynmalik Zayn Malik 97 9.9M One Direction Member Music
6 @edsheeran Ed Sheeran 97 7.4M Singer / Songwriter Music
7 @David_Cameron David Cameron 97 0.4M Prime Minister Politics
8 @PiersMorgan Piers Morgan 97 3.6M Journalist and TV Personality Journalism
9 @caitlinmoran Caitlin Moran 96 0.4M Feminist Author and Journalist Journalism
10 @rickygervais Ricky Gervais 96 4.9M Comedian / Actor Entertainment
11 @stephenfry Stephen Fry 96 6.1M Actor / Comedian / Writer Entertainment
12 @SimonCowell Simon Cowell 96 7.8M Music Executive Music
13 @OwenJones84 Owen Jones 96 0.1M Left-Wing Political Columnist Journalism
14 @Lord_Sugar Alan Sugar 96 3.1M Businessman and TV Personality Business / Entertainment
15 @ollyofficial Olly Murs 96 4.7M Singer Songwriter Music
16 @GaryLineker Gary Lineker 96 1.7M Former Footballer and Host of Match Of The Day Sport
17 @IAmWill 96 9.4M Singer TV Personality Music / Entertainment
18 @FrankieBoyle Frankie Boyle 96 1.4M Comedian Entertainment
19 @Joey7Barton Joseph Barton 96 2.2M Football Player Sport
20 @JessieJ Jessie J 96 6.5M Singer and TV Personality Music / Entertainment
21 @andy_murray Andy Murray 96 2.1M Tennis Player Sport
22 @TomTheWanted Thomas Parker 96 1.0M The Wanted Member Music
23 @rioferdy5 Rio Ferdinand 96 4.6M Football Player Sport
24 @JoshDevineDrums Josh Devine 96 2.2M Drummer with One Direction Music
25 @GazGShore Gaz Beadle 96 1.4M Reality TV Star on Geordy Shore Celebrity
26 @Rylan Rylan Ross Clark 96 0.9M Musician and Celebrity Music
27 @EleanorJCalder Eleanor Calder 96 2.8M Louis Tomlinson's Girlfriend Celebrity
28 @NathanTheWanted Nathan Sykes 96 1.4M The Wanted Member Music
29 @Ed_Miliband Ed Miliband 95 0.2M Labour Leader Politics
30 @Caspar_Lee Caspar Lee 95 0.7M Web-blogger Blogging
31 @sunny_hundal Sunny Hundal 95 0.04M Founder of 'Liberal Conspiracy' blog Journalism
32 @tom_watson Tom Watson 95 0.1M Labour MP for West Bromwich East Politics
33 @George_Osborne George Osbourne 95 0.05M Chancellor of the Exchequer Politics
34 @Mazzi_Maz Marius Listhrop 95 0.4M Web-blogger Blogging
35 @themichaelowen Michael Owen 95 2.2M Football Player Sport
36 @grimmers Nick Grimshaw 95 1.3M Radio 1 DJ Entertainment
37 @MaxtheWanted Max George 95 1.2M The Wanted Member Music
38 @JeremyClarkson Jeremy Clarkson 95 2.2M TV Presenter and Journalist Journalist / Entertainment
39 @StanCollymore Stan Collymore 95 0.4M Football Player Sport
40 @RitaOra Rita Ora 95 3.3M Singer Music
41 @MayorofLondon Boris Johnson 95 0.6M Mayor of London Politics
42 @edballsmp Ed Balls 95 0.1M Labour MP - Shadow Chancellor Politics
43 @PointlessBlog Alfie Deyes 95 0.5M Web-blogger Blogging
44 @danisnotonfire Dan Howell 95 0.7M Web-blogger Blogging
45 @RichardDawkins Richard Dawkins 95 0.7M Scientist and Writer Science
46 @DavidWalliams David Walliams 95 1.2M Comedian and Writer Entertainment
47 @Example Example 95 1.8M Singer Music
48 @ProfessorGreen Professor Green 95 1.8M Rapper Music
49 @JahmeneDouglas Jahmene Douglas 95 0.6M Singer Music
50 @TheoPaphitis Theo Paphitis 95 0.4M Businessman and TV Personality Entertainment / Business
51 @WayneRooney Wayne Rooney 95 6.9M Football Player Sport
52 @MarvinHumes Marvin Humes 95 0.1M Singer, Actor, TV Presenter and DJ Entertainment / Music
53 @LaurenLaverne Lauren Laverne 95 0.2M Radio DJ, TV Presenter and Writer Entertainment / Journalism
54 @LouiseMensch Louise Mensch 95 0.08M Former Conservative MP and Writer Politics / Entertainment
55 @tommcfly Tom Fletcher 95 1.1M Singer, Songwriter and Writer Music
56 @JamesArthur23 James Arthur 95 1.9M Singer Music
57 @HelenLewis Helen Lewis 95 0.03M Deputy Editor of New Statesman Journalist
58 @marcuschown Marcus Chown 95 0.01M Science Writer and Journalist Science
59 @louteasdale Lou Teasdale 94 1.0M Hair Stylist for One Direction Fashion / Music
60 @elliegoulding Ellie Goulding 94 1.6M Singer Music
61 @bengoldacre Ben Goldacre 94 0.3M Science Writer and Journalist Science
62 @jordyokeefe Jordan O'Keefe 94 0.1M Singer Music
63 @JaytheWanted Jay McGuiness 94 0.8M The Wanted Member Music
64 @astonmerrygold Aston Merrygold 94 0.1M Singer Formerly with JLS Music
65 @MrsAnneTwist Anne Twist 94 1.3M Harry Styles' Mother Celebrity
66 @johnprescott John Prescott 94 0.2M Former Labour Deputy PM Politics
67 @Glinner Graham Linehan 94 0.3M Comedy Writer Entertainment
68 @Schofe Phillip Schofield 94 2.5M TV Presenter Entertainment
69 @SimonNRicketts Simon Ricketts 94 0.02M Screenwriter Journalism
70 @RustyRockets Russel Brand 94 6.8M Comedian and Actor Entertainment
71 @mehdirhasan Mehdi Hasan 94 0.08M Political Director - Huffington Post UK Journalist
72 @jonsnowC4 Jon Snow 94 0.3M Host of Channel 4 News Journalism
73 @AFNeil Andrew Neil 94 0.1M TV Presenter Journalism
74 @RichardBranson Richard Branson 94 3.4M Businessman Business
75 @DoctorChristian Dr Christian Jessen 94 0.3M Doctor and TV Presenter Entertainment
76 @PennyRed Laurie Penny 94 0.08 Left-wing and Feminist Writer Journalism
77 @JmeBBK JME (Jamie Adenuga) 94 0.2M Singer Music
78 @JacksGap Jack Harries 94 1.3M Actor and Web-blogger Entertainment / Blogging
79 @SimonPegg Simon Pegg 94 3.4M Comedian, Actor and Writer Entertainment
80 @FinnHarries Finn Harries 94 1.2M Web-blogger Blogging
81 @sturdyAlex Alex Andreou 94 0.01M Writer and New Statesman Journalist Journalism
82 @Caradelevingne Cara Delevingne 94 1.0M Model Fashion
83 @luis16suarez Luis Suarez 94 2.0M Football Player Sport
84 @andyburnhammp Andy Burnham 94 0.05M Labour MP - Shadow Health Minister Politics
85 @georgegalloway George Galloway 94 0.2M Respect MP Politics
86 @Oritse Oritsé Williams 94 0.08M Singer - Formerly of JLS Music
87 @RochelletheSats Rochelle Humes 94 0.8M The Saturdays Member Music
88 @J4CKMULL Jack Mulligan 94 0.3M Web-blogger Blogging
89 @davidschneider David Schneider 94 0.2M Actor / Comedian Entertainment
90 @LawsonAndy Andy Brown 94 0.2M Singer for Lawson Music
91 @OllieMarland Ollie Marland 94 0.06M Singer/Songwriter Music
92 @AlanCarr Alan Carr 94 3.6M Comedian and TV Host Entertainment
93 @MarcusButlerTv Marcus Butler 94 0.6M Web-blogger Blogging
94 @CherylCole Cheryl Cole 94 4M Singer Music
95 @benwinston Ben Winston 94 0.1M Director of One Direction Film "A Year in the Making" Entertainment
96 @ZozeeBo Zoella 94 0.5M Web-blogger Blogging
97 @ProdNose Danny Baker 94 0.2M Comedian and Radio DJ Entertainment
98 @GuidoFawkes Guido Fawkes 94 0.1M Political Blogger Politics / Journalism
99 @CharlotteGShore Charlotte Crosby 94 1.4M Reality Star in Geordie Shore Celebrity
100 @AJHMurray Al Murray 94 0.3M Comedian Entertainment
101 @GNev2 Gary Neville 94 1.3M Former Footballer and Pundit Sport
102 @Nigel_Farage Nigel Farage 94 0.08M Leader of UKIP Politics
103 @NeilHimself Neil Gaiman 94 1.8M Writer Entertainment
104 @CherLloyd Cher Lloyd 94 5M Singer Music
105 @StellaCreasy Stella Creasy 94 0.03M Labour MP for Walthamstow Politics
106 @MrJakeHumphrey Jake Humphrey 94 0.6M TV Presenter Entertainment
107 @JackWhitehall Jack Whitehall 94 1.7M Comedian Entertainment
108 @AndySamuels31 Andy Samuels 93 0.7M Friend of One Direction's Liam Payne Celebrity
109 @SivaTheWanted Siva Kaneswaran 93 0.9M The Wanted Member Music
110 @SarahMillican75 Sarah Millican 93 0.9M Comedian Entertainment
111 @achrisevans Chris Evans 93 1.3M Radio DJ / TV Presenter Entertainment
112 @hollywills Holly Willoughby 93 3.8M TV Presenter Entertainment
113 @CalvinHarris Calvin Harris 93 2.9M DJ / Singer / Songwriter Music
114 @TomDaley1994 Tom Daley 93 2.4M Olympic Diver and TV Personality Sport / Entertainment
115 @BroadcastMoose Ian Abrahams 93 0.1M Radio Sports Commentator Sport / Journalism
116 @yankeeniall Michael Please 93 0.05M BAFTA Winning Animator Entertainment
117 @Ella__Henderson Ella Henderson 93 0.6M Singer Music
118 @JodieMarsh Jodie Marsh 93 0.5M Glamour Model and Bodybuilder Celebrity
119 @TheVampsJames James McVey 93 0.1M Guitarist for The Vamps Music
120 @DaftLimmy Brian Limond 93 0.1M Comedian and Web-blogger Entertainment / Blogging
121 @charltonbrooker Charlie Brooker 93 0.8M Comedian, Journalist and Writer Entertainment / Journalism
122 @campbellclaret Alastair Campbell 93 0.2M Former Director of Communications for Tony Blair and Journalist Politics
123 @ProfBrianCox Brian Cox 93 1.2M Scientist and TV Personality Science
124 @MrPeterAndre Peter Andre 93 2.9M Singer Music
125 @emelisande Emeli Sandé 93 1.1M Singer Music
126 @FrankieCocozza Frankie Cocozza 93 1.1M Singer Music
127 @matty_selley Matty Selley 93 0.3M Web-blogger Blogging
128 @MooseAllain Moose Allain 93 0.03M Artist & Illustrator Entertainment / Journalism
129 @JakeBugg Jake Bugg 93 0.3M Singer Music
130 @PatrickStrud Patrick Strudwick 93 0.01M Journalist, Columnist, Broadcaster and Activist. Entertainment / Journalism
131 @wossy Jonathan Ross 93 3.3M TV Personality Entertainment
132 @robinince Robin Ince 93 0.09M Comedian and Writer Entertainment
133 @Dynamomagician Dynamo 93 1.8M Magician Entertainment
134 @JohnRentoul John Rentoul 93 0.03M Columnist Entertainment / Journalism
135 @paullewismoney Paul Lewis 93 0.06M Financial Journalist, Broadcaster & Public Speaker Entertainment / Journalism
136 @kirk_official Kirk Norcross 93 1.1M Reality TV Star in The Only Way Is Essex Celebrity
137 @jamieoliver Jamie Oliver 93 3.4M Cook Entertainment / TV
138 @LawsonRyan Ryan Fletcher 93 0.1M Musician Music
139 @mrchrisaddison Chris Addison 93 0.3M Comedian Entertainment
140 @HackneyAbbott Diane Abbott MP 93 0.06M Labour MP for Hackney North Politics


The key is to understand how other people respond to a tweeter. Your rating is a function of other people’s assessments. This process, a bit like voting, is harder for a single individual to ‘game’. Each person is then assigned a UK π-score (Pi-score) from 1 to 100. This being the top of the tree, all of our Top 140 have scores above 92. The Uk π-score is an influence score in the context of the UK Twitter sphere.

For the Twitter 140, we focussed only on whether other people in the UK were responding to, retweeting or engaging with a tweeter.

Our maths also assesses who the people engaging with an influencer are. So a retweet from someone highly influential is worth more than a retweet from an average person. The number of followers does not factor in the weighting.
We crunched around 10bn tweets and looked at more than 150m accounts on Twitter to generate this list.

We did a couple of small pieces of editorialisation: